Our objective is to help firms maximise their profitability and cash generation  
How do we do this?  
  identify and benchmark current performance across a range of Key Performance Indicators  
  help set challenging but achievable goals and then;  
  build these in to a detailed financial budget and business plan against which;  
  on-going performance can be measured.  
The first step  
  complete our Verus Fixed Costs Calculator  
  we will then;  
    calculate the average of your Portal and non-Portal fixed costs for each case type  
    benchmark the results against other leading firms  
    quantify your potential for increasing profitability  
    present the results in a bespoke report FREE OF CHARGE and without obligation  


Maximising profitability and cash generation in personal injury work has always relied on the “aggregation of marginal gains”  
Small improvements in a number of key performance areas, in aggregation, can result in significant improvements  
This principle is now even more important as firms seek to mitigate the negative impact of the extension of fixed recoverable costs  
There are numerous variables that determine the value of fixed costs recovered  
However, there is little reliable, publicly available data against which firms can benchmark their own Key Performance Indicators  
Our Fixed Profit Costs Calculator will;  
  identify your average profit costs by case type based on where your cases currently settle in the fixed costs process  
  benchmark the results against the best performing firms in the sector and;  
  quantify the potential for increasing profit costs through the “aggregation of marginal gains”  
  facilitate sensitivity analysis around key variables  
The results can be used;  
  to identify where operational and process change is required or;  
  as part of a more detailed financial budget and business plan  



Using the Verus Fixed Costs Calculator could not be easier  
Click here to complete the data input form online or download the PDF and return to us >  


We will;  
  enter your data in to the Calculator  
  prepare a bespoke report based on the Calculator outputs  
  meet with you to present the report and;  
  demonstrate the Calculator by running a series of sensitivities and reviewing their impact  



Your report will include:  
  an executive summary  
  benchmark comparisons by case type across a range of individual Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)  
  the potential for improving your profit costs through the “aggregation of marginal gains” by case type and in aggregate  
1. Current performance summary  


2. Breakdown of potential annualised improvements  


This identifies;  
  current performance by stage of settlement  
  comparison with benchmark performance  
  potential for improvement at each stage  
3. Impact of improving lead conversion rates  

The Calculator quantifies the impact of improving lead conversion rates  
It identifies the aggregated effect of improving conversion rates and increasing average profit costs per case  
Improving lead conversion rates will result in an increase in profit costs and a reduction in the effective cost per case  






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