Cheap, flexible funding that supplements existing arrangements.  
  Advanced against Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence and Industrial Disease cases settled for damages.  
  Funding costs calculated on a daily basis and equivalent to only 0.8% per month.  
  NO other fees or charges.  
  NO initial financial or file due diligence.  
  NO security or personal guarantees.  
  NO on-going administrative or reporting burden on the firm.  

Verus Costs Funding is a special purpose vehicle whose sole activity is the provision of funding to solicitor firms engaged in claimant personal injury, clinical negligence and industrial disease work.

Funding is provided through the acquisition of cases settled for damages but where profit costs remain outstanding.
The activities of Verus Costs Funding are supported by;

  Verus Law Costs LLP, a provider of law costs drafting services and;  
  Verus UK LLP, a specialist adviser on profit maximisation, performance benchmarking, financial budgeting and strategic planning.  

VERUS COSTS FUNDING provides funding in a unique way. For further details or to arrange an initial meeting, please contact David Walmsley. Telephone 07801 307105.



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